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A Novel by LBJ

     Manipulation is an urban legal drama about an aggressive Assistant District Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia.  ADA Lisa Weaver had been successfully progressing in her career as a lead prosecutor until she became a pawn in a masterful game between the District Attorney, Ainsley Rivera and Atlanta's biggest organized crime boss, Lorenzo A. West.        

    To pull off the ultimate deception and fund his campaign, Rivera pays a handsome actor with a colorful history to manipulate the system.  Davis Thomas takes on the identity of Ameer Parks and helps the DA by wooing Lisa.  Lisa, blinded by her infatuation for Ameer,  and her own conceit, is easily manipulated, until she comes face to face with Lorenzo West.        Lorenzo Anthony West is a business owner, crime boss and a community leader. He uses his generosity to protect him from his history of not-so-discreet yet very complex  crime ventures that go from the street corner to the governor's mansion.  Lisa learns from Lorenzo West himself that he has been controlling Atlanta judges and politicians in a complex web of pay-to-play schemes.        

    Not knowing who she can trust, Lisa is forced to rely upon someone she had prosecuted years earlier-- a former cop.  The former cop-turned-investigator helps Lisa put together the pieces of the puzzle to discover how thick the web of manipulation really is.  In her search for the truth, Lisa learns that the system she spent her entire career defending is being manipulated by everyone in Atlanta politics.  But Lisa doesn’t just stop at discovering the truth.  She blows the roof off of Atlanta’s hidden secrets and does a little manipulating of her own.

I've had a wild imagination since I was a child.  One day this story came into my mind and it didn't go away until I put it on paper three years later.  As my first fiction novel, Manipulation will always be my "first love" as a novelist.  I suspect I will fall in love many more times before my career as an author is complete.  


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