UVA, Confederate Symbols, and Georgia’s Gubernatorial Democratic Primary

In 2015, I proposed legislation that would remove any confederate symbol or flag from property owned by the State of Georgia. It was my position that we shouldn’t delete history but rather put it in its proper place, museums. The confederates lost the civil war yet the confederate flag still flies in our state like a sign of victory. As we saw in Charlottesville, white supremacist still rally around these symbols while exercising their first and second amendment rights because these symbols are the basis of their hate. As long as, confederate symbols still permeate the south the supremacist will continue to allow their hate to spill out into the public square. Even our elected leaders are too afraid to use the power of the laws to correct history. Reality is, we cannot stop racist people from holding their beliefs but there are things we can do about it.

Stone Mountain is the largest confederate symbol in the entire United States of America. The face of confederate generals were etched in its side to ensure that no one could destroy the revisionist history that the Confederate Army was not treasonous in their at