Crossover Day

My mom died the day after Crossover Day in the Georgia General Assembly. Crossover Day is an extremely important day. Any legislation that has not made it from one chamber of the General Assembly into the other will not pass. Its typically a long day that can go well past midnight. It is a stressful day of politicking the has the ability to effect Georgians in multiple ways.

My mom died the day after Crossover Day in 2015. Less than 30 days after we first took her to the hospital – she was gone. I spent long days and nights at the Capitol. My interactions with her were limited to saying goodnight if she was not asleep when I got home or a phone call reminder of something related to the children. But when I got a good glimpse of her, she had lost tons of weight and her color was changing. I knew something wasn’t right. I regret not taking her sooner. She kept telling me she was just in mourning. My father, her husband of almost 40 years, had just died six months before that.

My mom died the day after Crossover Day. They moved her into hospice about two weeks before. She went to hospice before she ever made it to her first oncologist appointment. It was unexpected because in my dad’s last days he looked like he was dying. He lost the ability to speak. Then the ability to move. Then the ability to open his eyes. His decline took several days after an almost two and hal