Gun Mountain

Talking to the people in office today will not make them change their stance on gun laws in America. The solution is simple – if you want to change gun laws you have to change elected officials.

When I joined the Georgia General Assembly it frustrated me that many of my democratic colleagues who had served for several terms seemed like they had given up on so many issues. It annoyed me they literally sat down and said “it aint going to change.” I looked up at the impenetrable mountains we call political issues and still tried to find ways to get around them, over them, under them, or through them. I at least wanted to discuss the possibilities. I watched as my colleagues sat with their back to the mountain defeated unwilling to even talk about potential solutions. I rolled my eyes. Why did they not even try? Why were they so easily apathetic about the issues?

Then….I watched the 2013 gun debate over open carry in Georgia. I knew open carry did not mean open carry for everyone which was my biggest problem with the legislation. However, the staunch, “never compromise” position that the gun supporters had was shocking and kind of scary. Their fight was seething and deeply rooted. It was the exact opposite of that of my colleagues who would not even face the mountain that had defeated them time and again.