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10 Things Guest Host Should Know About Fox News

As regular legal and political guest commentator I have run the gamut on shows on both sides of the aisle discussing all things politics and law. However, when visiting Fox News there are things you should know before appearing as a guest host. Following the lead of our Commander and Chief, select NFL owners, and tiki torched Nazis, the bar has officially been lowered which does not sound possible for Fox News.

1. Fox News Host are sensitive and can’t take the heat. When you appear as a guest if they lose control of their own show, they will cut you off.

Expect the host to save the most disrespectful comment for the moment you cannot respond.

2. Turn off your phone before you go live. The most insistent and hateful callers will call while you are still live on air.

Jason Nichols, University of Maryland professor, attacked after Tucker Carlson appearance.

3. You will get hate email, social media, phone calls and snail mail. Get used to your #BLOCK and delete buttons.

4. You will be heavily screened for sensationalism. Fox is the only station that request “talking points” for a guest.

Fox show producers will send a generic topic.Only the most sensational and disagreeable talking points are selected.Moderate positions that appeal to both sides of the aisle or are unifying rather than divisive are never selected. Politico wrote an entire article on it.

5. Fox fans will regurgitate the exact language of Fox News.

Good news is Tucker Carlson regularly teaches his followers a new word of the day.The bad news is he doesn’t define it or spell it for his viewers.Be prepared for a good portion of your online contacts to include the “word of the day” as if they get Fox News bonus points for paying attention.#DrinkingGameAlert

6. Fox fans believe America is their country and they will want you to GET OUT!

7. Fox fans still believe in birtherism.

Do not go on Fox News to educate or inform.That is not the basis of their programming.If you like to debate and Kelly Anne Conway a situation then Fox is your station.

8. You are not an actual “guest”. Do not allow the polite invite to create unrealistic expectations of civility.

Although you are being invited onto their program and you take time out of your day to assist them in making money, do not expect polite and civil conversation.Also, do not think Fox in anyway will discourage their viewers from using vile language on behalf of the company.

9. Fox selects topics surrounding race and then will call you racist for discussing the topic they selected.

Be prepared because you will be blamed despite the fact that you do not produce the show, you do not pick the topic and you do not lead the discussion - it will still be your fault. Particularly after Fox edits the segment and republishes it on their website.

10. The grammar and spelling of many Fox fans post will make think you are having a stroke. Do not worry, it is not you.

Remember #Block then #delete.If you delete without blocking they will come back for a second round of disrespect to the English language.

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