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Dear Undecided Voter

I read my old social media post from 2012 decrying that there is no way that there are still undecided voters at this time in the election. With our current competition between Hillary and Trump I guess President Obama and Mitt Romney had more in common than I thought. Even Oprah is weighing in with a social media video circulating of her telling undecided voters “Hillary isn’t coming to your house.” Although I suspect that was shade on behalf of Oprah because she knows future President Clinton would stop by the Winfrey estate on demand, Oprah is right. There is no such thing as an undecided voter in the 2016 presidential race.

In this race an undecided voter has to be one of the most indecisive and confused American that has ever existed. We know both candidates have the highest disapproval ratings in history, yet we aren’t picking college roommate here we are picking policy makers. This race isn’t even about partisanship. Yes, there are people who are blinded by their partisan leanings to not see any fault with their own candidate. But most reasonable Americans see the fault in them both and can still easily distinguish between the value systems that they must evaluate to determine who to vote for.

Even those folks who are voting for a third party candidate or a useless write in candidate have made up their minds already. By now these voters have decided not to chose either of the main party candidates. We won’t be able to determine if this “other” vote is actually a choice until after the election is over. If any of the third party candidates garner enough votes to take away from Trump or Hillary then we know those third party voters actually chose the winner.

So whatsup with the undecided voters? What exactly are you waiting on? A sign from the heavens? Here is your sign, you get to choose between an adultering, misogynist, sexual offender or a warmonger who lies about stupid things. I don’t think heaven is going to weigh in on that one.

Maybe you are waiting for clear policy directives for the Country. Quit waiting. Both candidates used up all their airtime and energy bashing each other and not on policy. Now you have to choose from their long list of bad past decisions to fall back on. Its time you pick. You can chose Trumps history of shipping jobs overseas, failing to pay his share of taxes, and discriminatory policies. Otherwise you choose a history of unclear answers and flip flops on everything from war to criminal justice policies. Out of both you get favoritism for their financially free friends.

Acknowledging that we have to pick between two bad choices is very different from being undecided. However if it helps, then choose to look at the positive. Pick the guy who says whatever is on his mind, no matter how stupid it may be. Otherwise choose the gal who has experience and temperament to run our Country no matter how opportunistic and self-serving that experience was. Claiming to still be undecided at this point doesn’t make you look reasoned its makes you look like you are sleep walking. Wake up and make a choice already.

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