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You are not quite trademark ready!

That is okay! Every brand started somewhere. 

Watch the videos and look at the information below to learn more about the trademarking process and when you are trademark ready come back and we will be ready to get you started.  

Reasons you may not be trademark ready?


To obtain a valid trademark you must already have the item, service, or product "in commerce."  That means you must currently sell the product or service to others today.  Although there are special trademark registrations that allow you to register before your product or service is being sold, there are rare cases in which I recommend attempting to register your mark before it is in commerce.  See my info videos for more. 

You're not ready to invest in protecting your brand today!  When you are ready to financially invest in your brand, the LBJ Group will be here to help you.  

USPTO Filing fees range from $250 - $271

Flat fee attorney rate for Trademarks range from $1,500 -$2,500.  Payment plans accepted. 

Comprehensive trademark research $500.00.  Comprehensive trademark consultations are $250.00

Return here when you are ready to start protecting your brand.  

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